ABP Success Story: Daniel Mitev and Boyan Petev

Daniel Mitev, a recent DePaul University graduate specializing in UX/UI design, met Boyan Petev, the owner of PS Web Consulting, at an ABP event. This meeting marked the beginning of a sucesful professional relationship.

Following their initial meeting, Daniel embarked on a project-based collaboration with Boyan. Together, they delivered over ten projects, with Daniel’s UX/UI design expertise enriching Boyan’s digital marketing agency. This partnership enhanced Boyan’s team’s skills and served as a transformative journey for Daniel, equipping him with invaluable real-world experience and fostering his personal growth.

One of their most notable achievements is designing the ABP website, a project Daniel is particularly proud of. His work on the site showcases his talent and dedication, which is a testament to the high-quality results that can come from ABP-facilitated connections.

Daniel’s journey with ABP began when he became one of the first recipients of the ABP Scholarship. This scholarship provided him with the financial support he needed to excel in his studies and pursue his passion for design. The opportunity to collaborate with Boyan has further enhanced his professional growth, providing him with practical experience and industry insights.

Boyan and Daniel’s story is a shining example of the power of networking and professional growth opportunities that ABP offers Bulgarian professionals in the United States.

By fostering connections between students, recent graduates, and established professionals, ABP helps its members achieve their career goals and contribute positively to the community.

Through mentorship, educational initiatives, and events, ABP supports its members’ personal and professional development.

Boyan and Daniel’s successful collaboration is a testament to the impactful relationships and growth that ABP can facilitate, encouraging more professionals to engage with the organization and take advantage of its resources.