3rd Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony & Networking Event

Association of Bulgarian Professionals NFP’s 3rd annual networking and scholarship award ceremony was a success with more than 30 in attendance. 2023 was the year with the highest number of well deserving applicants for the ABP scholarship and we wish each of you continued professional success. The fact that you applied makes you already a winner….

During the event Lubo Kroulev shared ABP progress made over the last 3 years and future plans. Svet Kostov presented the impact ABP was able to make in the Karavelovo, Bulgaria disaster and how the $16K raised by ABP donation campaign helped over 15 families.

Interesting networking games were moderated by Chavdar Angelov and Svet Kostov that illustrated once again the importance of communication. Michaela Kolev presented the 4 award recipients for this year and shared short videos from each candidate:

*2023 ABP Scholars*

Diana Djenev

Alexandra Zaharinov

Teodor Chalakov

Kassandra Radoslavova