Association of Bulgarian Professionals

Uniting professionals in North America to help them excel in their fields while promoting Bulgarian culture, language, and heritage since 2019.

Uniting professionals in North America to help them excel in their fields while promoting Bulgarian culture, language, and heritage since 2019.

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Empowering Bulgarian Professionals in North America

ABP’s mission is to foster a vibrant community of Bulgarian professionals by creating a dynamic platform dedicated to networking, mentoring, and community engagement.

We aim to connect individuals across various industries, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Through our commitment to empowerment, we strive to unlock the potential of our members, enabling them to achieve personal and professional growth.

By encouraging active community involvement, ABP seeks to contribute positively to society, building a legacy of collaboration and support among Bulgarian professionals worldwide.

Scholarship Program

Empowering Tomorrow's Visionaries

The scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities, and a commitment to community service.

This program aims to support students in pursuing their educational goals without the burden of financial constraints.

How It Works:

Students submit an application, including academic records, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation
A committee evaluates applications based on merit, need, and alignment with program criteria
Selected students receive scholarships, which are directly applied to their tuition and educational expenses

4th Annual ABP Scholarship Award Ceremony

Last week, the Association of Bulgarian Professionals (ABP) hosted its spectacular 4th Annual Scholarship...

3rd Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony & Networking Event

Association of Bulgarian Professionals NFP’s 3rd annual networking and scholarship award ceremony...

2nd Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony

Association of Bulgarian Professionals is pleased to announce the 2022 university scholarship recipients: Darina...

Inaugural 2021 scholarship program awarded total of 4 scholarships

Association of Bulgarian Professionals (ABP) is pleased to announce that its inaugural 2021 scholarship...

Building a Legacy of Collaboration


Networking Events


Mentoring / Community Projects


Awarded Scholarships


ABP Members


Donation Raised

Fostering Community Engagement & Support

ABP strives to promote diverse talents, inquisitiveness, and individual ambitions and passions within the Bulgarian community in the Chicago metro area, with plans to expand our reach.

Key Community Focus Areas

Educational Initiatives

Seminars with experts plus workshops on college prep, resume writing, job hunting, and mock interviews.


Guidance on financial management, purchasing homes, and navigating the U.S. education system

Community Representation

Engaging with government and non-government entities to represent and advance our members' interests

Online Outreach

Utilizing social media to expand our community's reach and engagement

Cultural Advocacy

Promoting Bulgarian heritage and fostering connections with like-minded organizations.

Social Connectivity

Year-round events for networking and community service, alongside fun activities.

Our main objective is to engage Bulgarian children and adults at pivotal educational and professional phases, offering guidance, educational support, and career-focused growth alongside nurturing their personal aspirations.

Our mentorship program targets university students and professionals at different stages, aiming to forge meaningful connections and fast-track corporate career advancement/development.

The goal of our mentorship program is to foster informal relationship between knowledgeable and educated individuals. We facilitate mentor-mentee pairings, bridging the gap between novices and seasoned experts within the same industry or field of interest.

Accelerating Career Paths
with Targeted Mentorship


Boyan Petev

Daniel Mitev

Daniel Mitev


At ABP, it is our proud honor to foster successful partnerships between Bulgarian professionals of all career backgrounds.

One of these is the story of Boyan and Daniel, two tech professionals that met at one of our scholarship inauguration events. Click below to see their story.

Explore the Spectrum of Key Areas of
Expertise for Business Excellence








R & D



Operations Management

Customer Service

Supply Chain Management

Product Management​

Quality Assurance

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