Association of Bulgarian Professionals

Uniting professionals around the world to help them excel in their fields, while promoting Bulgarian culture, language, and heritage


ABP’s mission is to connect and empower Bulgarian professionals via a platform focused on networking, mentoring and community involvement


ABP aim is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people from different professional fields.

Whether sharing similar ideas, hobbies or just a drink; networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development.


Or mentoring program is designed for university students, young and seasoned professionals interested in building lasting friendships and accelerated corporate career development. The goal of our mentorship program is to foster informal relationship between knowledgeable and educated individuals. We match those that make their first professional steps with experienced professionals that possess a multitude of knowledge in the same industry or area of interest.

Join a network of professionals and volunteers.

Community Involvement

ABP strives to promote everyone’s strengths, curiosity, individual passions and desires. ABP is heavily involved in the Bulgarian Community throughout the Chicago metro area and hopefully able to reach out to other areas soon.

ABP main community involvement goal is to capture as much Bulgarians children and adults in their early educational and professional carrier in order provide them with guidance and support for higher education, better job placement, focused career growth, on top of any other aspiration they might have.

Key Community Focus Areas:

  • Educational seminars and workshops:  quarterly seminars with key note speakers will be organized to help strengthen the organization. In addition other workshops will focus on:
    • Workshop college preparation, resume builder, Job search, mock interviews, work referrals.
    • Seminars focusing on managing your finances, buying a property, how to pay for school, how the US educational system works, book events and other.
  • Social Events: Scheduled in various days through the year
    • Social events that helps people to connect like coffee meets on Saturday or Sunday; Outdoor picnics; 2 miles walk for certain cause promoted by ABP. Volunteering work to various Bulgarian organizations like Little Bulgarian Center, Magura, Bulgarica, etc.
    • Organize camping, skiing, hiking or other social events to further strengthen the Bulgarian professional network.  
    • Promote the Bulgarian spirit, culture, language and traditions outside the Bulgarian community by visiting other organizations with similar goals and ideas.
    • Social Medial:Linked, Facebook, Instagram, etc. will be utilized to help us reach out to more Bulgarian community for these programs or events.
  • Government and Non-Government organizations: ABP goal is to represent the association members upfront of government and nongovernment organizations


The Association of Bulgarian Professionals wants to invite its ABP members to various volunteering activities we need help with. Please note this is volunteer work, and one can always start or stop participating if time constraints. This also provides an excellent opportunity to get to know other ABP members and expand your network.

1.      Social Media Content Manager

–  Work with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Website

–  Regular posting or seek content sharing

–  Creative imaging of ABP, Videos

2.      ABP Event helper/coordinator –

–  Mail lists, dates, places, picture taking

– Engage other professional people you know

3.      Website Manager

– Design/development/maintenance

– Rebuild our website/add functionalities

4.      Mentoring – Subject Matter Expert

–  Schedule 20min intervals of virtual Office Hours at a time that fits your schedule

–  1-to-1 engagement where knowledge and guidance are shared around a specific topic or need

5.      Donation Campaign Manager

–  Various activities to raise funds for the organization

–  Work closely with other team members on overall long-term strategy.

Thank you again for your contributions and support.


Lubomir Kroulev


Lubomir has a B.S. in Finance from UIC at Chicago, MBA from LFGSM and certificate of Leadership from Kellogg School of Management. Professional with 20+ years of financial experience of which the last 10 in the new product and strategic marketing development within the pharma industry

Tihⱷmir Tsanev

Vice President

Тihⱷmir is a strategic leader, Purdue MBA with experience from world’s largest companies, delivering on M&A deals, new product launches and other multimillion dollar business development projects by leading teams and negotiations with top US corporations and startups in Technology, Healthcare, Retail and Consumer goods

Svetoslav Kostov

Director Events

Svetoslav has a Master of Energy Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago as well as an Associate Degree in HVAC & Bachelor’s degree in Facility Management from New York City College of Technology . He has more than 15 years of Mechanical, Building Automation and Management experience

Chavdar Angelov

Director IT

Ph.D. Candidate - Chavdar is an IT executive with over 20 years of experience, known for developing industry awarded enterprise solutions and creating a company culture of success in the Fortune 500 financial services sectors of banking and insurance. Graduate of TU-Sofia, Harvard & MIT

Mihaela Kolev, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Svetlin Dimov

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced in creating client-tailored advertising strategies and solutions.


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