About Us

ABP strives to promote everyone’s strengths, curiosity, individual passions and desires. ABP is heavily involved in the Bulgarian Community throughout the Chicago metro area and hopefully able to reach out to other areas soon.

ABP main community involvement goal is to capture as much Bulgarians children and adults in their early educational and professional carrier in order provide them with guidance and support for higher education, better job placement, focused career growth, on top of any other aspiration they might have.

Key Community Focus Areas:

  • Educational seminars and workshops:  quarterly seminars with key note speakers will be organized to help strengthen the organization. In addition other workshops will focus on:
    • Workshop college preparation, resume builder, Job search, mock interviews, work referrals.
    • Seminars focusing on managing your finances, buying a property, how to pay for school, how the US educational system works, book events and other.
  • Social Events: Scheduled in various days through the year
    • Social events that helps people to connect like coffee meets on Saturday or Sunday; Outdoor picnics; 2 miles walk for certain cause promoted by ABP. Volunteering work to various Bulgarian organizations like Little Bulgarian Center, Magura, Bulgarica, etc.
    • Organize camping, skiing, hiking or other social events to further strengthen the Bulgarian professional network.  
    • Promote the Bulgarian spirit, culture, language and traditions outside the Bulgarian community by visiting other organizations with similar goals and ideas.
    • Social Medial:Linked, Facebook, Instagram, etc. will be utilized to help us reach out to more Bulgarian community for these programs or events.
  • Government and Non-Government organizations: ABP goal is to represent the association members upfront of government and nongovernment organizations